Creating an Email Just for Accounting

By PRETTY BOOKS ON November 10, 2020
Step-by-step recipes to streamline your business management processes.

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By using one specific email address for all of your accounting documents, you can streamline the accounting process for your financial professionals and minimize the risk of losing documents if you lose access to an individual email inbox. Here is a recipe to create an inbox for accounting. Bon appetit!

Before we get cooking, here are a few helpful hints:

  • Send an email to vendors from the new address. Let them know that this is where you’d like them to send all finance-related questions in the future.
  • Only share access with people who need it. You and whomever is in charge of your financials are the only ones who should have access to private information about your business’ financials.
  • Forward all accounting emails you get to this inbox. Stay organized and keep yourself from losing documents by storing all financial documents in one inbox.

If you’re ready to cook up your own perfect process for an accounting@ email, let’s get cooking!

Creating an Email Just for Accounting

Essential ingredients

  • Email inbox
  • Understanding of how to make new email addresses
  • Internet connection

Optional ingredients

  • Inbox sharing software
  • Business cards with the new email
  • An email list of all your vendors to send them your new contact info


  1. Pick an alias for your email address. Some easy to remember aliases are “accounting@,” “finance@,” ar@” or “ap@.”
  2. Create the inbox.
  3. Tell your network to send all emails regarding accounting to your new address.
  4. Share access to the inbox with your accountant so they can easily review requests and take care of things.
  5. Forward all accounting emails to this address so they can be found easily when needed.

At Pretty Books, we are always whipping up new and helpful ways to keep your business moving. While there are tons of ways to prepare these processes, we believe that this one is the best. Enjoy!

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