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Pretty Books
  • Pretty Books is a different
  • kind of accounting firm.
  • What really sets us
  • apart is our
  • talented, dedicated
  • team.
We’re a group of outside-the-box thinkers who work hard to help you visualize your data in a way that makes sense to you. We take accounting and make it work in your world. Let’s get to know each other so we can help your business see the big picture.

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  • Kristine Nguyen
  • The Visionary
Kristine is a big picture thinker, with a strong vision of where she wants her business, her team, and herself to be. This, combined with her sense of urgency, means she’s always got growth and action on her mind. (Starting with a 7 AM workout.) She has a knack for building relationships with others, probably because she approaches relationships with realness, and she finds joy in taking care of others! She sees herself as a mentor to our team, always guiding us toward being the best we can be.
When she’s not thinking about work or projects, you can find her exploring her curiosities, whether that’s a new recipe in the kitchen or a new project idea.
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