Scrubbing the General Ledger (GL)

By PRETTY BOOKS ON November 19, 2020
Metaphorical definitions of complex accounting terms.

The accounting language is filled with highly technical words and phrases that describe the highly technical job functions of an accountant. The ACCRUED DICTIONARY is a collection of common terms accountants use broken down into easy-to-understand metaphors, jokes, and whimsy. The dictionary cuts through the technical jargon and gives you a metaphorical perspective at what these words mean

Scrubbing the GL

Verb. [skruhb•beeng•thuh•gee•elle]
  1. Accrued Dictionary definition: A spring cleaning of a company’s general ledger. Each quarter, accountants get on their hands and knees to make sure the general ledger has been thoroughly primped and polished throughout the year. Sometimes the ledger is shiny and clean, but sometimes there might be a dust bunny or two lurking behind the fridge. Either way, you can be sure that after Scrubbing the GL, the place is spotless.

     //Make sure you sweep under Q2 when you’re scrubbing the GL. You never know what might be hiding under there.”

  1. Textbook definition: A double check of the general ledger to be sure that there are no errors in the records.

     //Once a quarter accountants can be found scrubbing the GL to make sure all information is accurate and accounted for.

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