Here’s Why

HERE’S WHY is a collection of simple explanations for the things in your business that just don’t make sense.
There are a lot of moving parts in your business, and not all of them are obvious. Here’s Why gets right to the point in identifying what’s happening, why, and what you can do to improve your operations. Here’s the deal, you need clarity in your finances to make data driven decisions for your company.

Here's Why

Here’s Why A Growing Business Requires More Than The Attention Of A Tax CPA

When you first started your business, you hired a CPA to check the “tax compliance” box off of your to do list. Your CPA helped maintain your legal and financial obligations by submitting taxes and required financials to the government and doing periodic bookkeeping. It’s been five years and you have grown a lot. More […]

Here's Why

Here’s Why You Should Follow That Inventory Trail No Matter What

Since day one, your CPA has reported your inventory at tax time by taking your year end inventory balance and creating a quick adjustment. These adjustments were good enough for tax filing, and you didn’t need to worry about them for the time being. However, your business is growing and you’re starting to think about […]

Here's Why

Here’s Why Your Money Is Only As Well Managed As Your Processes

You opened your own dental practice a few years ago. You have an administrator who manages customer payments and a CPA who does your taxes and bookkeeping at the end of the year. It’s been a couple of years, and you’re starting to think about expanding into a second office. You run a report from […]

Here's Why

Here’s Why You Should Audit Your System Reports For Human Error

Last year you purchased a new software to track and manage your inventory. It was rated 5 stars, and had a training package, to ensure your people are trained properly. Now, a year later, you’re having trouble making sense of the numbers reported. The numbers don’t seem to align with your understanding of your actual […]

Here's Why

Here’s Why You Should Get Clear On Labor When You Sell Service

You recently brought on a new team member, expecting to improve the total bandwidth of your team. With this additional bandwidth, you hope to be able to go on vacation soon. But three months later, it seems your people are busier than ever. You haven’t taken on that many more projects. You don’t understand how, […]

Here's Why

Here’s Why You Should Be Aware Of The Technical Spectrum Required To Meet Your Financial Needs

Your business is ramping up for growth, and you’re doubling down on all things financial. You’re looking to hire someone to help you with bookkeeping, auditing numbers, setting up systems, and cash flow management. After combing through resumes, you found someone with 15 years of bookkeeping experience who is excited to join your company. It’s […]

Here's Why

Here’s Why Realistic Projections Leads to Realistic Results

Last year, you brought in a CFO to create a business plan and projections so you could fundraise. They created a 5 year plan showing how you’ll spend and earn money. It looks like a budget sheet, so you use it as one. Now you’re not hitting your marks and you’re not sure why. Here’s the deal, you need to spend more time with the “real” projections.

Here's Why

Here’s Why Integrating Tech Can Lead to More Trouble Than You Can Imagine

You’re looking for a new point of sale software. You need something that records your transactions and collects data on your sales. You find one that’s user friendly and has a sleek interface. And look! It integrates with all your accounting software. That must mean it’s the best option, right? Here’s the deal. Integrating software does not always mean more efficient work.

Here's Why

Here’s Why An Unplanned Milestone Based Project Can Lead to a Complete Loss

You just settled a tough negotiation with a prominent client. You’re excited, and taking a lower profit margin in the hopes that this will open doors for you. The client gave you 50% up front as a retainer fee. It seems perfect, but here’s the deal. The client isn’t paying you until they accept your final project. Here’s the deal, that milestone based project could be detrimental to your cash flow.

Here's Why

Here’s Why Weekly Cash Flow Reviews Help You Gain Clarity In Your Business

You’re always a little uncertain when it comes to cash. Can you hire a new employee? Purchase that new technology? Every time you hit that “submit” button on payroll, you’re nervous- will your bank account be able to handle it? Your understanding of your cash situation is foggy. Here’s the deal, you need to establish a weekly cash flow sync up.

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