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Day in the Life

It’s Planning Day- A Day In the Life of an Accountant

Today is Planning day. Like ocean tides, accountant work in a cycle. At the beginning of each month, the tide comes in with a tropical storm of reconciliations and mathematics while they work on month end close. At the end of the month, the tide goes back out and leaves accountants with time to catch up on projects and prepare for the next incoming tide.

Calculated Ingredients

A recipe for storing your accounting documents in one place

By keeping all your accounting related documents together in one folder, you can help streamline processes like filing taxes and audits. Here is a recipe to save time by keeping all your documents in one organized accounting folder on your company’s server, including easy to follow directions, tips and tricks, and ingredients you need. Bon Appetit!

Accrued Dictionary

Bank Statement Reconciliation

So your accountant is talking about “bank statement reconciliation.” He tells you that it means something along the lines of “reconciling bank accounts with financial reports,” “deposits and withdrawals,” and “truing up your transactions,” but all you hear is static. Here’s what he really means when he talks about, “bank statement reconciliation.”


Small Business Bookkeeping: Best Practices for Growing Your Organization

Small business bookkeeping keeps you organized and running smoothly. It’s not always easy to keep track of your business’ spending and earning habits, but it’s necessary to ensure you stay within your budget and that all funds are accounted for. Let’s look at some elements of small business bookkeeping that can keep your company on top.

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