• Why Choose Us?
We Do More Than Make Your Books Look Pretty.
We know that you have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing your bookkeeper and your accountant. So why choose us?
Pretty Books is not your average bookkeeper or accounting firm. We are focused on modern accounting. Today, businesses have quadruple the amount of data at their fingertips (if not more), and that data is so much more complex. We can interpret and translate the data to help guide your business into making decisions with the numbers.
Technology—We have invested significantly into technology, both the systems themselves as well as understanding the systems, so that we can be the experts for your business. Technology must be a part of any growing business, and we can help you optimize your current systems as well as improve and implement new platforms, putting your business on a growth trajectory. Think of us as your CIO.
Strategy—We apply modern tools to foundational accounting in order to make operations and management recommendations for your business. Our analysis and strategy enables you to understand what’s happening with your business so that you can make effective decisions for the future. Think of us as your CFO.
Connection—We become an extension of your team, not someone you speak to once a quarter or year. At Pretty Books, we are always accessible, via phone, email, Slack, Zoom—it’s like we’re right there in your office. And at the core, we are still people, available to talk and ready to answer your questions. Think of us as your CCO.
Experience—We are friendly and welcoming, and we sincerely appreciate all of our clients. We strive to be your partner—a partner who has the knowledge, technological acumen, and genuine investment in your business. Your success is directly related to our success. Think of us as your COO.
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