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Our Clients Are More Than Clients. They’re Our Partners.
If you’re thinking about working with Pretty Books (and we hope you are), then we want you to know what you can expect:
  • 1. Discuss— Let’s meet and talk so that you can tell us all about your current financial setup as well as explain your goals.
  • 2. Review— We’ll do an in-depth review of your current accounting operations and bookkeeping status so that we can determine how much work you’ll truly need.
  • 3. Roadmap— Based on our review, we’ll provide you with recommendations and a proposal for our work.
  • 4. Agree— Let’s synchronize on the details of the work.
  • 5. Request— We’ll most likely need you to provide us with financial records and other company information.
  • 6. Begin— We start working, and you start growing.
Ready for #6? Contact us so that we can quickly accomplish #1 through #5.
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