Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes is a collection of stories about relationships, challenges and wins in the day to day world of accountancy.

There is no typical day in the office for an accountant. They might start each day at the same time checking a work email, but after that, anything goes. Between business emergencies, problems emerging with books, reconciliation issues and beyond, accountants become much more than just number crunchers. They’re also firefighters, shoulders to lean on, friends, and allies.

Behind the Scenes

How One Accountant’s Deep Dive Into the Company’s Numbers Revealed Inconvenient Truths

Communicating complicated analysis in a way that is easy to understand is a skill accountants are constantly working on. Being able to translate their complicated processes and findings to an audience that does not understand accounting is a challenge, especially when these findings contradict the existing beliefs of the clients they are speaking to.

Behind the Scenes

How One Accountant’s Experience Changed a Company’s Expectation, Saving them Headaches, Time, and Money.

Trouble shooting numbers and solving mathematical issues is a large part of an accountant’s job that is often overlooked. Sometimes, the problem lies deeper than the math. Sometimes the problem is in the process followed to find the calculation. One accountant’s problem solving revealed a deeper issue with a client’s process: a lack of understanding

Behind the Scenes

How One Accountant Pressed Pause on her Sunday Afternoon to Settle an Unassuming but High Priority Request from Her Client.

Accountants frequently stay late or work on weekends to meet urgent and important requests from their clients. Due to the nature of these requests, even the smallest task can be so integral to a business’ future that accountants have no choice but to help. Here’s a story of why one accountant paused a family game to send her client some paperwork.

Behind the Scenes

A Behind the Scenes Look Into the Journey of a Client-Accountant Relationship

It’s easy to think that accountants spend most of their time behind a computer analyzing data for clients they don’t get to know. What people don’t realize is that accountants spend sometimes years cultivating relationships with their clients. Over the course of five years, one accountants’ professional relationships transformed into a friendship.

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