Day in the Life

Day in Life is a snapshot of the life of an accountant, taken one day at a time.

If you ask an accountant what they do, they will probably tell you “it depends on the day.” Because an accountant’s scope of responsibilities is vast and integrated into the decision making and operations of a business, it frequently shifts depending on the time of month, day of the year, and the needs of their clients. While you can’t pinpoint a typical day for an accountant, there are some days that pay out similarly throughout the year.

Day in the Life

It’s Model Building Day- A Day in the Life of an Accountant

Today is model building day. Accountants use these days to build mathematical models to track inventory, profitability, forecasting, and more. For accountants who love puzzles, formulation, and math, the spreadsheet is a playground. Modeling requires a high level of detail in functionality and design, which is a project most accountants enjoy.

Day in the Life

It’s Bookkeeping Day- A Day In The Life of an Accountant

Today is Bookkeeping Day. These are the days accountants record massive amounts of transactions from various bank accounts and credit cards for their clients to map the movement of money within a business. Accountants define every transaction based on what it was for into a variety of categories to show where money came from and where it is going.

Day in the Life

It’s Accounts Payable Day- A Day In The Life of an Accountant

Today is Accounts Payable Day. Accountants spend the day gathering bills for their clients for utilities, services, vendors and more. They collect receipts for employee reimbursement. Accounts payable day is monotonous, and mostly consists of an accountant signing in and out of online portals to download invoices and input numbers into Quickbooks.

Day in the Life

It’s Client Onboarding Day- A Day In The Life of an Accountant

Today is client onboarding day. These are the days accountants take the reins from their account management team and meet their clients for the first time. Client onboarding days start with a lot of research into the company and what they do, preparation, and quite a few meetings to discuss its needs, priorities, and expectations of the accountants.

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