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eCommerce is a complex intertwining of massive amounts of data and technology. To thrive in this retail frontier, you have to effectively collect, interpret, and translate that data into useful information. You need an accounting team that is on the forefront of technology and comfortable performing high volume analytics. Here are a few things you can expect from working with us.

We Are
Tech Forward

Adopt tech, navigate information

Our team is comfortable learning new technology. We come to the table with experience navigating and mapping data across different eCommerce platforms. We are attentive and always on the lookout for new tech to incorporate into our work.

We Are
Data Driven

Organize data, map meaning

We are good at data. We have the skillset to effectively analyze large amounts of data to interpret your financial position. We are excellent with spreadsheets and similar analytical tools and can efficiently investigate and clean your data.

We Are

Gain clarity, develop systems

Financial management is a whole new ball game for eCommerce. We are your executive partners when it comes to merging tech, data, and financial information to help you interpret and understand your company's trends.

Our Services

What we can do with you

Your dedicated team of accountants will work by your side to ensure accurate financials, develop scalable processes, and manage every part of your business that touches money.

We navigate your platforms

We know Amazon and Shopify. We understand how these and similar platforms collect, manage, and transfer data. We know their features, where their reports are, and how they integrate with your accounting software.

We investigate your transactions

This means we analyze your data and review your transactions across all platforms in order to reconcile your actual flow of money. We identify hidden fees embedded in your merchant transactions.

We manage your bookkeeping

This means we record your income and expenses to accurately report your profit and loss and bank statement. We thoughtfully design your Chart of Accounts to effectively reveal the patterns and trends of your business.

We help you with your inventory

This means we help you create processes based on your immediate and long term goals. We help streamline your inventory by creating processes that could include counting your ending inventory and tracking its movement across locations and platforms.

We manage your financial projection

This means we work together to design and manage your financial perception of your business to keep you ahead of the game. We track your income and expenses in order to forecast your business' profitability and cash flow in the future.

We create processes

This means we save you time and money by creating streamlined processes to find the direct costs of producing and selling your items, evaluate your purchasing patterns, understand your profit margins, and track the flow of inventory from raw materials to finished goods.

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