Accounting solutions for your

Tech Startup.

The journey of a tech startup is complex and dynamic. To thrive in the ever changing landscape, you constantly have to adapt with speed and intention. Your accounting team should, too. Here are a few things you can expect from working with us.

We Are
Your Partners

Work together, solve problems

We come to the table ready to think through problems and solve them with you. We know there is a lot of passion in your business, and it's our passion to support you. We'll be there to help make your vision a reality.

We Are
ever evolving

Think growth, evolve processes

We know your needs as a startup change constantly, so we change with you. We are always in the process of reassessing, reevaluating, and improving the way we work to stay in alignment with your needs.

We Are

Be focused, move strategically

Your startup is driving through uncharted territories. We'll be your navigators in the passenger seat, ready to pivot and change direction to help you tackle challenges and grow your startup.

Our Services

What we can do with you

Your team of dedicated accountants will work by your side to ensure accurate financials, develop scalable processes, and manage every part of your business that touches money.

We pay your employees.

his means we help select and set up a payroll processing system, oversee payroll tax filings, and record payroll related expenses accordingly. This includes overseeing payroll tax compliance, payroll runs, and payroll schedule.

We pay your bills

This means we work with you to develop a process to capture, track and pay your bills, including utilities, contractors and subscriptions.

We manage your financial projections

This means we collaborate with you to complete financial projections and models. We audit spreadsheet formulations and review these financials with you routinely.

We invoice your customers

This means we work with your account team to review customer contracts and manage recievables, including invoicing customers, overseeing collections, and setting up portals required by your customers.

We reconcile your SAAS revenue

This means we track your SAAS revenue sold annually and maintain revenue alignment, including maintaining the revenue deferral schedule, amortizing earned revenue, and acounting for different revenue streams.

We develop scalable processes

This means we work with you to develop and modify processes relating to the handling of financial information that could include the implementation of approval ladders, separation of duties, and data management overall. carta expensify SaaSOptics