Accounting solutions for your

Construction Company

A construction company is fast paced and full of moving parts. To be successful, you have to create rhythm and confidence with your contractors, employees and investors. You need a highly organized acounting team that can manage these relations, track your portfolio, and streamline your processes. Here are a few things you can expect from working with us.

We Are

Keep pace, manage efficiency

We create schedules, processes, and rhythms for everything we do to effectively and efficiently meet expectations.

We Are
fast moving

Keep promises, meet expectations

We aren't shy about lighting fires to meet deadlines, making sure expectations are met and keeping your projects moving forward.

We Are

Develop metrics, interpret trends

We take a top level view of all your projects across different timelines and types to understand your trends and help measure success.

Our Services

What we can do with you

Your dedicated team of accountants work by your side to ensure accurate financials, develop scalable processes, and manage every part of your business that touches money.

We report profitability

This means we develop analytics and accounting processes to track revenue and cost by project. We lay out profitability by project in order to evaluate the value portfolio.

We analyze data

This means that we are experienced in cleaning high volumes of data and reconciling it across different systems to ensure accuracy.

We pay contractors

This means we manage your contractor's bills and payments. We work together to develop processes regarding check runs and terms. We also help oversee W2 requirements and 1099-MISC reporting.

We create custom investor reports

This means that we develop custom reports to identify the value of your work in progress. We identify the value of your investments across all the projects in your portfolio.

We account for the cost of closing

This means we are familiar with using HUD sales and documentations to record your closing costs, trades and returns on investment.

We spot intercompany transactions

This means we verify and reconcile the comprehensive mapping of your subsidiaries and their relations in order to properly account for your intercompany transactions.

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