Accounting solutions for your

Professional Service Company

A professional service company is full of moving parts. To be successful, you have to be able to move with precise unity and accurately measure labor, promises and cash flow. You need an accounting team that can keep pace and work with you to develop mechanisms to track and capture the moving metrics of your company. Here are a few things you can expect from working with us.

We Are

Develop metrics, interpret trends

We constantly question your data and trends to measure and assess your current business operations. As a people-dependent organization, we develop key metrics to help you drive improvements and efficiency.

We Are

Keep pace, manage efficiency

We stay attentive to the all the moving parts of your business that can impact your bottom line. We work with you to measure your true profitability and your return on investment.

We Are
forward thinkers

Plan ahead, forecast cash flow

Your people, processes and services require constant assessment to ensure synchronization between work, cash flow, and expectations. We help you plan ahead by creating tools and identifying key areas for business development.

Our Services

What we can do with you

Your dedicated team of accountants will work by your side to ensure accurate financials, develop scalable processes, and manage every part of your business that touches money.

We track profitability by project

This means we develop analytics and accounting processes to track revenue and cost by project. We lay out profitability by project, client and type of work to help you understand your financials from 360 degrees.

We help you manage cash flow

This means we collaborate with you to align your cash inflows and cash outflows. We forecast your cash runway across all your different projects so you have a clear view of where your business is at all times.

We measure labor efficiency

This means we calculate the true cost of your revenue by reviewing your people's time and activities leading up to your project deliverables. We work with you to identify direct and indirect costs impacting the success of your work.

We process your payroll

This means we oversee payroll setup, payroll processes and payroll tax compliance. This includes paying employee bonuses and member's distributions.

We manage contractor payables

This means we manage your contractor's bills and payments, including W-9 and 1099-MISC reporting. We work together to develop policies regarding check runs and terms.

We automate time billing

This means we work with you to implement technology and processes to capture billable hours, track project milestones and produce timely invoices to your clients. Harvest Hubspot monday