Plan your financial goals and become confident talking about profit margins

  • Did I stay within budget?
  • How long will my cash last?
  • What is the cost of each new employee?
  • What is our projected revenue in 5 years?
  • Am I collecting money fast enough?

What is the agenda?

Let's plan for your business' future. We look at where you are now and how we can help get you to your goals. Together, we assess your current processes, operations, and budgets to see if we are on the right track. We talk forecasts, financial models, and assumptions to see what we can fine tune to make sure you are headed towards reaching your goals.


We Measure Your Financial Assumptions

We measure your assumptions against real numbers taken from your financials. We create financial models, including forecasts and projections, to give you insight into what might happen in your business based on what is happening today.


We Talk About Your Goal and Metrics

We discuss your goals for your company and help you define what success means to you. Together we identify a few key metrics to measure your success against while we work towards helping you meet your goals.


We Discuss What Activities Will Impact Your Money

We create mathematical, financial models that let you test the "what if" scenarios that could come up in your business. Together, we walk through all your options and outcomes so you can decide on an action plan for your business.

We work with businesses of all sizes


You sell things at a physical location or online


Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, etc.


Food, art, handmade, etc.


You develop and sell technology and software


SAAS, licenses, research, etc.


Applications, consulting, etc.

Food & Hospitality

You take care of people's food, lodging and travels


Restaruants, bar, cafes, etc.


Rentals, tours, adventure, etc.

Professional Services

You offer your experience to people and businesses


Legal, IT, marketing, etc.


Strategy, education, etc.

How it works

1The work

Together, we identify the work our team can easily take off your plate.


We record the money you collect and spend


We manage your financial activities and reporting

Back Office

We support you with your day-to-day requirements


We design financial forecasting and metrics

2The conversations

We schedule the conversations that are most appropriate depending on your goals.


We talk about work, processes and systems


We interpret numbers and trends


We forecast and measure assumptions

3The extras

We jump in as needed for deep dives, one-time projects and planning

Setup / Cleanup / Analytics

Here are a few things we can talk about

Accounting work and its financial reporting is useful only if it impacts the decisions you make to propel your business forward. We understand the significance of expressing your numbers and financials in a way that is understandable to you. We meet you where you're at to help you make the connection between your numbers and your business so you can feel confident making those necessary decisions.

Cash flow

Where will my cash be in six months? Nine months?


Am I making money?

Revenue streams

Which service or product am I making the most money on?

Growth rate

How does my revenue compare to last year?


Is my customer paying me on time?

Key metrics

What are the leading indicators of my business?


Based on current trends, where will we be this time next year?

Head count

How much will my new hire cost?


How much should we expect to spend?