We connect and get to know each other

Hello, nice to meet you! We take time to learn about you and your business. Tell us your goals and inspirations. We will discuss what we do and what it looks like. Then we'll brainstorm some possible roadmaps. We typically have 2-3 discussions in order to make sure that we are all aligned.



We outline the work and draft a proposal

Allow us to review what's going on with the books. We will deep dive and take a look at your financial volume, accounting setup and year to date data. We will provide you with an estimate and proposal of the work and what it takes to get us on track. Our initial review is free of charge to you.



We sign and start our client onboarding process

Welcome! We are excited to be part of your team. Once we agree on the scope of work, a team will be assigned to your account. Your team will reach out to schedule a meeting to officially introduce themselves to you. In this meeting we will guide you through our transition process and timeline.

How it works

1The work

Together, we identify the work our team can easily take off your plate.


We record the money you collect and spend


We manage your financial activities and reporting

Back Office

We support you with your day-to-day requirements


We design financial forecasting and metrics

2The conversations

We schedule the conversations that are most appropriate depending on your goals.


We talk about work, processes and systems


We interpret numbers and trends


We forecast and measure assumptions

3The extras

We jump in as needed for deep dives, one-time projects and planning

Setup / Cleanup / Analytics


Depending on the volume and type of work we need to do, you could have a team of up to three accountants working with you. You could have any combination of bookkeepers (day to day AR/AP support and bookkeeping), controllers (GAAP compliance, balance sheet schedules, analytics), and a senior accountant to oversight all work.

We currently do not train for bookkeeping. But keep an eye out on our website. We have a training course under development.

Occasionally. The description on your bank records is usually sufficient for us to determine the type of expense for your company. We manage a lot of transactions for our clients and are familiar with many vendors and their services, allowing us to easily categorize them for your business. When a purchase is not very clear (i.e. Amazon purchases or equipment reimbursements), we may request additional records to verify the exact expense.

It depends on the volume of the cleanup. It usually takes us between 2-4 weeks granted that we have all the records necessary to reconstruct your books. Delays are often due to missing data and a lag in communication.

Your books will be updated each month. We work in a cycle, which means we update and close the previous month's books the first two weeks of the month. We guarantee the previous month's financials by the 15th of each month.

Profit First, at it's core, is a way of thinking about the money in your business. Accounting does not change based on how you think about money. Our team will support you in creating and developing processes that will support your endeavors, including helping you align and track your profit goals per Profit First strategies.

Our team can certainly be involved in helping you track and reconcile your strategies and audit the allocations of your profit. We will support you in the work we do, however you want to see and understand your money.

Our team is experienced and can manage and assist in the majority of state, local, and revenue taxes.

  • State revenue
  • State business and occupation tax
  • City business and occupational tax
  • Sales tax
  • Annual renewals
  • License renewals
  • Research and study Nexus requirements for different states
  • Assist with business registration in different jurisdictions
Washington specific
  • Seattle City
  • Kirkland
  • King County personal Property
  • WA department of Labor and Industries
  • FICA (form 941)
  • FUTA (form 940)
  • Worker's Compensation
  • tate unemployment
  • W2s
  • 1099s