To Deduct or Not To Deduct?

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Host: SCORE Greater Seattle Chapter | $50

About this event

This in-person workshop will break down important business transactions and help you understand what is deductible in your federal taxes and what is not.

Workshop highlights

  • Discuss business transactions across several categories in your business
  • Identify what you can deduct and why
  • Lots of time for questions as well as an FAQ

About the host

Kristine Nguyen is the owner and principal of Pretty Books Accounting, where she and her team oversee financial management, providing services such as bookkeeping, accounting, back office management, financial modeling, and cash flow management for companies big and small. She enjoys working with small businesses and exploring different tools and technology to create efficiency and transparency in business operations. Furthermore, she likes being involved in the community and especially meeting new people. Kristine has 15+ years experience working with small businesses to manage and streamline their accounting.

About the workshop

When: Thursday, May 5, 2022, 10 – 11 am Where: Umpqua Bank, 200 Westlake Ave N Suite 110, Seattle, WA 98109 Cost: Free, complimentary drinks and snacks courtesy of our partners at Umpqua Bank. Parking: Complimentary parking. Details will be provided upon registration. Please register HERE

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